How to Draw a Baby Polar Bear, Polar Bear Cub

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First, we should always begin with the basic guidelines that will enable us to build form onto the guides. Take your time to draw these lines. They don't necessarily need to be perfect, just similar size so when you draw the future lines, the drawing   


Next, we'll begin to draw the head shape, which should be an easy start. Take your time to draw the shape of the cheeks, which are fluffed at the tips. I drew them this way because polar bear cubs generally have fluffier - pudgier faces. The ears sho   


Now, we'll sketch out the nose and mouth FIRST. I say this because it's easier to sketch around the perimeter, so later on, you won't have proportioning troubles with the eyes. Drawing eyes for cute animals can be tricky because there's so many ways    


Next, start sketching the frontal legs which are going to be boxy. It's easier to draw boxy front legs because you don't have to worry so much about the proportioning of the individual paw toes. Relax, take your time and sketch lightly before you fin   


Then, start sketching the shape of the back-leg, which then forms into the paw that's crunched against the forelegs. I would suggest drawing this part quickly, so it comes out in an accurate curve. The tail should be small as well. We don't want this   


Lastly, using thin lines for definition, we'll draw the indication of paws and the paw pads for the feet. Add a little nick for the chin area. With that being said, you should get ready to revise your drawing!


If you're overviewed your lines, proportions, you should have something like this. I hope you guys have enjoyed this new lesson, I had so much fun creating it. I think the most intriguing part was the coloring and lineart. Peace out and don't forget    

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August 19, 2012

Description: Hey guys! I'm back with another drawing tutorial, and it's on something adorable! A member by the name of Hawkheart considered that I draw a baby seal in the water to add company to this seemingly shy baby polar bear. This animal is one of my favorites to draw in baby form, because they look like little pudge balls of white fur. I'll give you a few tips and tricks on 'drawing baby polar bears' the easy way. Consider getting yourself a pencil, eraser, and some decent paper (depending on what you plan to do with the drawing) to get started. This tut should be easy to follow and draw from. If you want to draw this style of bear in various poses, I would recommend checking National Geographic's polar bear cubs references. Take your time and try not to rush yourself! Peace and love :)

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