How to Draw Werewolves

Artist: Dawn / September 10, 2010

Step 1.

Before we get started, I want to talk about the angles and direction that the face of a growling werewolf should look like. First off, when I werewolf, dog, or any other canine snarls, or growls, the bridge of their noses will rise a bit and get crin   

Step 2.

This is a drawing of how the face of a werewolf should look when the mouth, snout, jaw are more relaxed. This is actually what they would look like from the side just before they open up and say ahh. See how the hairs on the back of the neck start to   

Step 3.

Now let's draw some werewolves. Start with the shape of the back part of the body, and then draw a crescent shape for the head, and then another shape for the snout.

Step 4.

Begin sketching out the bold brows of the werewolf like you see here, and then the beginning of the nose bridge too. See how the crinkles are formed even though the nose is not drawn out yet.

Step 5.

You will go even further and start sketching out the whole shape of the entire snout, mouth, and open jaw. Once this is done you can sketch in the tip of the nose, and then get the ears forehead, and eyes drawn in as well. The gum lines should also b   

Step 6.

As you can see once you have finished with this step, your werewolf will start looking like the mean creature we know him to be. You will begin this step by sketching out the actual gum lines without the teeth drawn in. Each arch is where a tooth wil   

Step 7.

This is the last step guys. All you have to do now is draw in each tooth, and then sketch out the tongue. Sketch the shape of the hidden right arm, and then add some detailing to that muscular chest and neck. You will also add in some detailing and d   

Step 8.

Now that you have completed this tutorial you should have an awesome drawing of one of the scariest monsters of lore. Color him in and that's it. You just learned how to draw a werewolf, and I bet you did great too.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: What is one of the scariest beasts of all time that makes your heart pound, and also makes you cry out for your mommy? Well, to me one of the scariest monsters of lore is the werewolf. These half man, half wolf creatures have always played an important part of my life as an artist. I have sketched drawings using some traits of the werewolf, and even some animals and dragons in my sketch book have characteristics of this wolf species too. Now today is the tenth which means there is literally twenty one days left before Halloween is here. I thought that a cool, newer version of one of these half man half beast beings would do the body, mind, and artistic soul good. So today, in honor of all hallows eve, I will be teaching you guys "how to draw werewolves", step by step. Now the reason why I only chose to do the head of a werewolf is because a lot of artists have a hard time sketching out this part of the monster. The body of a werewolf isn’t nearly as difficult to draw then the head is. I mean, there is so much expression that goes into the face of a werewolf, which drawing out this aspect can be incredibly hard. So because of that I have included some helpful tips that will explain how the head of a werewolf should be drawn. There are so many different types of body poses you can choose to sketch when you draw a monster like this. Werewolves have been a part of fictional history for decades, and they will remain leader of the pact as far as monsters go. I don’t think there is a stronger monster than the werewolf. I mean think about it, they are huge, strong, have flesh ripping claws, bone crushing jaws, and the scent capabilities of a thousand German Shepherds. I know what you’re thinking, there are other monsters that are just as dangerous, and you’re right, there are. But what I’m saying is, it takes a lot to take down a werewolf. No amount of sunlight will make this creature burn up to a pile of ashes, no stake can be driven through its’ heart to stop it’s pulse, and no crosses or holy water can immobilize it to a point where it will back down and walk away until a later date. Everyone’s opinion matters, and everyone also has there dislikes and likes. I personally like both vampire and werewolf to a point where if I had to be one or the other, I would find a way to be a mix of both. Well, that’s it guys. You have just finished reading this description for "how to draw werewolves", step by step. I hope you had fun reading what you did, and I also hope you will enjoy this lesson to the fullest. Peace out people, and don’t forget to have one howl of a day.