How to Draw Baby Freddy Krueger


Draw the guides and shapes for the workable frame for baby Freddy.


Here you can define the shape of Freddy's big round face and then draw the ear shape.


We will now draw the brim of the hat which is wide and over sized for Freddy but again, this is an adult hat on the head of a baby or small child.


Up next, take the facial guidelines and draw the large eye shapes and color in the pupils as well.


We will now work on the expression which can be done by drawing the nose in a snarling shape and form. You will then draw the brows which are thick and tightly close together. When that is done you can draw out the mouth and then add the teeth. Color   


Here you can complete Freddy's hat by drawing the top and indent on the center area of the hat.


We will work on the body next. Begin with the small baby sized arms and when that is done you will add stripes to the sleeves. Next, draw in the clawed posed hands. The left hand is equipped with the knives for fingers and the other hand is in regula   


Okay, now draw the rest of the shirt and notice that it is torn and has holes on the ends.


Draw the legs and feet or shoes and add detailing to the pants.


For the last step you can erase the mistakes and then add the tattered look to the pants.


You are done and baby Freddy is ready to color in.

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October 29, 2021

Description: Okay guys, here we go again with another fun filled lesson that will have you scared stupid. Today we will be learning how to draw baby Freddy Krueger, step by step. I figured what better way to celebrate the Halloween holiday that is quickly approaching us as we speak. Anyways, I do hope you like this lesson. I worked hard on it and I think Freddy as a baby looks incredibly adorable. I will be labeling this lesson under average because there are some tricky parts to this lesson that I'm sure all you novice artists will come by. Well, that's it. Have fun and let me know if you liked what you see and remember to love, like, fav, comment and most importantly, share. Adios amigos.!

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