Draw Baby Mike Myers


Start with a circle for the head and then another for the body. After that sketch in the facial guidelines.


Now you can draw the round defined shape of the face and then the hairline.


Up next you will draw out the hairstyle and then draw the shapes of the ears. Add detailing to the hair and then the inner parts of the ears.


Using the facial guidelines you can draw the shapes of the eyes and then draw the eyebrows. Make the nose and then add the eyes. You will add some cheek marks and then a chin bump.


You will now draw the body which is the shoulders, arms and legs.


Here you will draw the seam lines for the shoulders, waist, zipper for the one piece suit and then some wrinkles for the cuffs.


Draw the butcher knife and then his hands. Erase the mistakes cause you are done.


Here is the line art. Now you can color in Mike Myers in his baby form.

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October 1, 2021

Description: Okay, up next we will have a blast as we tackle this lesson on drawing baby Mike Myers, step by step. I know I already have a couple lessons on Michael Myers, but I find myself wanting to draw Mike Myers every Halloween so that is what I'm doing today. To me, Mike Myers is the ultimate deranged serial killer. He has no empathy, no remorse and no compassion. He is what you call a cold stone killer. At least Jason Voorhees had love in his heart for his mother whereas Mike has love for nobody. Anyways, no matter how nuts, mental or horrible Mike Myers is, this drawing of him in his baby form is adorable enough for anyone to want to tackle. Have fun and look for more lessons on some of your favorite Halloween characters coming soon.

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