How to Draw Ghosts


I'd like to introduce you to this tutorial with a few helpful tips steps. Here you see two figures standing before you. When drawing this particular ghost style, you'll want to explore the different ghost head views. As you can see, the side view hea   


These are different types of eyes, and expressions that you can choose to draw for your new ghost that you will be drawing. Notice the different types of eyes ranging from beady, small, medium and large. The mouths can range from creepy grins, to jac   


Having creases underneath the eyes accentuates a creepy and frightening look to your ghost. They add an "aged" and psychotic look as well. This is what you want when trying to achieve a creepy ghoul. Start creating these creases an inch away from the   


Start by making a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the face, and body like so.


You can now start drawing out the head to shape, and then incorporate the wispy arms like so.


By drawing rips and torn holes to the fabric of your ghost, it will appear to be old, thus being more scarier. You can go off the hook and draw large rips and wispy tears in the fabric to give an appearance of a more ancient and unique look.


Finish drawing out the body shape of this ghost, and be sure to follow the tip I gave you before you start this step. And when you are done, be sure to make the ends or tips pointed or hair like.


It's now time to pick and choose the type of a face you want your creepy ghost to have. Once you have drawn out the pattern, you can color in the voids, and then add some neat little holes for detailing along the edges of the ghost. Erase the lines a   


You have just finished this tutorial on how to draw ghosts, step by step. I hope I made this lesson fun for you all, and I also hope you learned something new. Join me again for more drawing fun.

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August 31, 2010

Description: Well guys, it seems as though I took a longer break than expected due to the extremely hot temperatures that has been in my northern area. Because it was like 102 today, I wasn’t able to sit at my desk and just sweat to no end. Instead I sat outside, and played with my three, five week old puppies. Anyway, this next tutorial is Halloween based, and it’s going to be on “how to draw ghosts", step by step. I already have several ghost lessons, but I thought that a new one for the new year would be a great idea to get a fresh drawing of a ghost up. The difference between this tutorial and the others, is I give you some awesome tips on how to draw your ghost better then ever. I have also made a category dedicated to just these creepy, wispy, spiritual beings so that it is a lot easier to find what you, and other visitors are looking for. I really like the way that this drawing came out because it has both typical, and none typical traits of the types of ghost we know, and think of. I can’t wait until you guys tackle this tutorial because I know that I will see artwork on some really unique looking ghosts. Well, I guess that’s all I have to say for right now, but don’t fret because I will return with more drawing fun. Stay tuned in guys because I am also going to be going live in a bit so keep those eyes fixed on your computer screen. Adios peeps!

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