How to Draw a Baby Zombie


Begin with two circles with the first being the largest because that is for the zombie's head. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the guides for the limbs.


Define the top shape of the head and then draw in the hairline which is uneven bang lining in chunky pointed sections.


Go ahead and draw out the shape of the face and cheek, then draw out the large ear.


Now you can draw the nose and cute child like mouth with the one tooth and then add the hair on the side of the head.


Here you will draw the baby zombie's large eyes which are uneven and misshapen. Once you do that color in the nose hollow and then color in the pupils. You will add some stress detailing around the larger eye.


Okay, now that the head and face is drawn we can work on the body starting with the shoulders and arms. Draw the simple style hands and then add some aging or damage to the clothing. Also color in some areas of the shirt to create the holes.


You can now draw the body to the complete shape and then incorporate the jagged shirt line.


Lastly, draw the rest of the legs and feet and then draw in the rest of the holes on the clothing before erasing the mistakes and guides.


This is the line art. Now you can have fun coloring in your new drawing of a baby zombie.

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October 25, 2020

Description: Okay gang. Continuing on with more Halloween related monsters in baby form and I bring you another on how to draw a baby zombie for Halloween, step by step. I'm sure everyone knows that I have drawn so many different types of zombies in the past and you can find many of those zombie drawings here on Drawing Hug or on Dragoart. This is a great lesson for kids to tackle because it should be relatively easy to replicate, although if you are new to drawing you may want to find something a little less challenging unless of course you like the challenge which is always a good thing. Anyways, go ahead and have fun drawing a baby zombie and I will ready my next two lessons to come.

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