How to Draw Werewolves


Just as the picture says, these are the different types of mane that you can draw your werewolf with. You can see that the mane flaring intensifies with the werewolf's tension. I know with dogs, when they are in a threatened or predator state, their    


Here is a rendition of the different types of snouts and mouths. As you can see we start off with a more relaxed look and then the mouth intensifies to something much more snarling and mean.


Here is an example of the what your werewolf head should look like in a frontal view and a 3/4 view. As you can see they are both intense, but also very distinct.


Here are two sets of ears. One is narrow and pointed and the other is wider and a bit shorter.


Here you can see the different ear styles as they are in different poses. Each ear is positioned in a manner to show what they are feeling or thinking.


You can now start the werewolf drawing process. Start with a head shape and then the neck guide lines.


You can now draw the snout and forehead shapes for your werewolf. This will complete this step.


Up next, draw the chin and gum line the way you see it drawn in here. The chin consists of hair which shapes the jaw. You can draw in the crinkles on the nose and then add the nostril and brow.


Now that the snout and some of the mouth is drawn, you can now draw in the werewolf's eye shape along with the hair that is ruffled on top of the head. This will be the base for the ear.


Draw in the gnarly teeth which should be drawn in a very even, but aggressive manner.


Finish up the werewolf by sketching out the arched neck and then the style of ears you like. You will also need to draw in the layers of fur that makes up the werewolf's mane. Once that is completed you can erase the mistakes and guidelines.


Well, that's it you are all done. Now just color in your werewolf.

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July 29, 2016

Description: Hello again Dragoartors. Today we will be having a fun filled day because I am going to give you this lesson that will ultimately leave you drawing a werewolf like a pro. If you find this lesson to complicated to tackle, that's okay because what you learn from it will help you understand how to go about drawing werewolves the right way. I have laid out this lesson with tips, steps and information explaining in detail how to draw a werewolf and how to make your werewolf look awesome. I have plenty of tutorials on drawing werewolves, and I think I even have one with tip steps. The only problem with them is they are not as informative as I'd like them to be, plus they are kind of old and it's always nice to have a fresh, new hip tutorial on drawing a werewolf. Besides, I know new techniques now that I didn't know then that I can show other artists like you. So, having said all that, let's get busy drawing some werewolves.

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