How to Draw a Chibi Werewolf


Make the guides for the head, body and hands.


Next, sketch in the profile of the werewolf's head which should be hairy. Draw a strong shaped snout with some of the mouth open.


You will now draw in the pointed ears, then add detailing inside the ears.


Use the facial guidelines to draw the chibi werewolf's eye along with the straight lined brow that is in an angry expressive pose. Add the teeth, then draw the detailing to the snout and chin.


Sketch out the hairy spikes to the back of the neck, then sketch in the chibi body which is the shoulders, collar bones and chest.


Continue to work on the arms by drawing the chibi werewolf's forearm, then draw the clawed fingers.


Here you will draw the right arm and clawed hand. The fingers should be thick and chunky, and the nails should be long and sharp. Add detailing to the chibi werewolf's chest, and you are ready for step eight.


Draw the sides of the body and bow style shaped legs.


Almost done people you just have to draw the thick, chunky style feet along with the nicely arched toes and nails. Add the tail behind him and go to step ten.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the long fluffy tail, then add detailing before you start erasing the mistakes and guides.


Here is the chibi werewolf. Now you can add some color to bring this howling monster to life.

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October 7, 2014

Description: I have another Halloween treat for you all and it's in the form of a chibi monster. Up next, I present to you "how to draw a chibi werewolf", step by step. I don't believe I have ever made a chibi werewolf before so in light of that, I knew that I had to make one for the Halloween season. I have always loved these mythical beasts and I also have always loved drawing and making new concepts on them. You should be able to tackle this tut with no problems, but if you are fairly new to drawing you might have some bumps in the road. Either way enjoy drawing this chibi werewolf.

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