Drawing Anime Eyes Step by Step

Artist: Dawn / July 29, 2016

Step 1.

Well, it's time to tackle this tutorial piece by piece, but before we do I will give you some tip steps that will help you understand the drawing process when drawing anime eyes. Here I made a pallet of different styled anime eyes. Each eye has the s   

Step 2.

This is a simple anime eye that anyone can start out drawing. Start with a circle but leave the bottom empty. Draw in the large iris outline and then add a cheek line and crinkles. Next color in the iris either leaving an empty spot, or erasing a whi   

Step 3.

You can see here that the coloring is done either by adding a patched type of shading or natural shading.

Step 4.

Here is an example on the different areas of definition when it comes to coloring your anime eyes. At the top the eyes should be colored in a manner to showcase the highlighting. The right is the shadowing and the bottom of the eye usually has the re   

Step 5.

Another tip for drawing anime eyes when drawing a sexy anime eye is the flow of the lining and then the pupil creation.

Step 6.

When drawing your anime eyes you have to make sure that the eye placement is drawn correctly for the three different types of angles. As I drawn for you here there is the straight head on look, the 3/4 view look and then the profile look.

Step 7.

Now let's draw some anime eyes. Start with the lids of the eyes. These are usually thick, black and will be layered later on.

Step 8.

Notice the eyes are being drawn in on an angle. The left eye is partially visible while the right eyes is almost all visible. Add the shapes of the eyes, the upper lids and lashes and then the crease indents too.

Step 9.

Here you will draw in the pupils and finish the eyeball shape for the right eye. When that is done you can draw the nose and lips or mouth.

Step 10.

You will start the shading process now. If you need help, just look back on the tip steps so you know how to do it properly.

Step 11.

Now take what you learned about coloring in the eyes and color in the eye color. Add shading, highlights and reflection. Erase any and all mistakes too.

Step 12.

That's it, you are all done. Now you can use what you've learned to your own anime character.

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Description: Every now and then I will make lessons that everyone can enjoy and learn from. Today with this fully loaded tutorial, I will be showing you all the secrets to drawing anime eyes, step by step with helpful tips so you can create anime eyes once and for all. I do have other lessons on anime eyes and you can also find tutorials from other artists who make lesson on how to draw anime eyes as well. There is practically a lesson for everyone of all skill types. Anyways, I think you will find this lesson helpful and entertaining. Adios amigos and enjoy!