How to Draw Werewolf Ears - Different Types and Poses

1 Various Ear Types

When you're composing the structure and character of your werewolf, it's important to note that they are canines. With knowing that, let your creativity flow and draw these wolves considering other canine breeds like, foxes, coyotes, dingos, various    

2 Variety 1

If you favor your werewolf to be drawn with wide batty like ears, here is a render of the type. When viewing your creature from the profile view, the insides of the inner ear will be completely visible as well.

3 Variety 2

Here's one of my favorite preferences of drawing werewolf ears, and it's a classic style; the long erect standing ones that are shaped nice and thin. I like drawing the direction of them forwards in the same direction their eyes point.

4 Variety 3

I've drawn another forward pointing set of ears that are thinner than they are width wise, and they also have a few tears in them to signify 'wear and tear'. If your wolf has undergone battle, adding rips and tears to the ears is a good characteristi   

5 Ears Facing Backwards

I also wanted to draw ears that are facing backwards as if the werewolf is darting underneath brush, or is intimidated (similar to how wolves react with their ears). It's extremely important to reference their natural counterparts; the wild wolf! Wat   

6 Variety 4 + Ear Jewelry

Short and wide ears is another style I thought of to draw to show you another variety ears can be drawn in. Jewelry in the ears can also add character to your creature...maybe its human form had a bunch of earrings? Always keep that in mind when you'   

7 Front Views

Here, I've just sketched up some front poses of the ears to give you a guide as to how they would look to the viewer from the front. You would be able to see mostly all the innards of the ear. If you need more reference as to how werewolf ears should   

8 Guidelines

For this step you will draw out the arch for the crest of the top portion of the werewolf's head and then draw in the lining for the ears.

9 Side Shapes

Here you will define the ear lines and when you do this, be sure to sketch in tufts of hair along the outer side corners of the ear base.

10 Inner Shapes

Now, draw in the rest of the ear shapes and cap off the top portion of the head.

11 Inner Ear Fur

Add detailing to the ears so they have the separation look to create the thickness of the ear leather.

12 Lobe Detailing

Inside the ears you will draw the indentation.

13 Shading the Ears

Now let's shade them ears by FIRST minding the light source! Naturally, the shadows will get darker the closer the ears get to the base of the skull. You would not be able to see a fully highlighted inner ear unless someone or something was shinning    

14 Outer Ear Shapes

To create the lengths of the ear and positions of them, draw the beginning lining you see here. Don't forget to add the tufts of hair at the crease or base of the ears.

15 Back Fur Lines

Form the shape of each set of ears. As you can see ears come in many different expressive shapes or positions.

16 Lobe Definition

Again, add in the indentation inside the ears which will also create the thickness of the ears too.


Add some shading to create definition and dimension.

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October 25, 2020

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