How to Draw a Halloween Werewolf for Kids

Artist: Dawn / October 6, 2016

Step 1.

Begin like we always do, with guides for the head and body. Sketch in the facial guides and then the limbs guides.

Step 2.

We will now draw the werewolf's head and face shape like so. When that is done you can add the ears and fluff on the head.

Step 3.

Add the detailing to the ears and then draw the shapes of the eyes. Draw in the nose, mouth and teeth. Add the whisker holes too and dimpling between the eyes.

Step 4.

Start this step by drawing the torso. Add the shoulders and arms, then draw the hands. Add the tattered look by drawing holes, tears and rips.

Step 5.

We are almost done drawing this werewolf for kids. What we will do next is draw the pants and legs. Follow this step by drawing the feet and toes.

Step 6.

This is the last drawing step. What you will do next is draw the long puffy tail. Erase whatever mistakes and guides you made too.

Step 7.

That's it, the line art should look like the drawing you see here or similar. Just add some color and a nice Halloween background.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 6, 2016
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Description: I can't just do a bunch of lessons for Halloween without doing a couple for kids. Here is my take on drawing a Halloween werewolf for kids, step by step. I know this tut may seem like it's too complex to tackle if you are a kid, but in all reality if you are a novice artist you do need to challenge yourself so you gain more and more skill as an artist. Anyways, this werewolf for kids isn't going to be too difficult to tackle. I made it as easy as possible for anyone to tackle so if you are a kid and want to draw a cool looking Halloween werewolf, here is your chance. I shall be back with other tuts so don't stray too far away. Adios amigos, peace out.