How to Draw Werewolf Transformations

1 Stages of Head Transformations

I'd first like to take you through the tutorial by starting with the basic and more obvious focus of transformation; the face. Notice how the face gradually gets bulkier and fuller with obvious canine shapes through each stage. The final face form is   

2 Stages of Hand Transformation

I really like focusing on this part because it's more fun to draw the various stages of werewolf hands! Watch how the simple human hand become more complex with sharper shapes as it progresses into the final form.

3 Stage 1: Most Human Form

First stage of any transformation, is the sharp stinging pains that tingle throughout the entire body. The victim experiences severe muscle spasms and overheating in the body. Here in 1) we have the basic, simply detailed body figure about to phase i   

4 Stage 2: Canine Form Sets In

Notice how in figure 2) there tends to be a lot more detailing, as well as slight clothing tears; the body becoming muscular and lengthy, the face forming a snout, the hands becoming larger and stronger. It's best to further the transformation proces   

5 Stage 3: Anthro Canine Form

Next stages are pretty intense, where the victim goes through a very strong and brutal painful semi-finished stage. 3) we have the clothes searing off the body, with the muscle definition intensified as well as fuller. Examine the snout and how the h   

6 Final Form: Full Canine Form

the final stage of transformation, where the body is finally shifted, the arms nearly long as the length of the torso and legs. This will further the speed of the werewolf, allowing maximum predatory advantage. Notice how all the detailing is at its    


Start off like we always do and that is with shapes and guidelines to create the different transformation stages of the werewolf head.


Starting at the top, begin drawing the back parts of the heads and then for them all sketch in the shapes of the ears in the different stages they are at.


We will move on to drawing the profiles of the faces in many different stages. First as a regular man, then as the faces go on you see the different angles and formation of the lining that creates each werewolf transformation stage.


Go ahead and sketch in the eyes, mouths and noses. You will also sketch in the definition to the skin for when the werewolf is a human, then as he begins to transfer into a werewolf.


Here is the lineart for when you are done.


And the shading should be added as well.

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October 25, 2020

Description: Ever wonder how to draw werewolves starting from human form to the full anthropic wolf form? In this tutorial, I will give you step by step tips and drawing tutorial steps that guide you through the process.

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