Gas Mask Drawing

1 drawing the head guide

Just draw a simple circle for the head and then some facial guidelines for the mask.

2 starting the mask

Here you will begin using the guidelines to draw out the lens of the gas mask for the eyes. They should be big, egg shaped circles. When those are done go ahead and draw the small circle for the filter of the gas mask.

3 continuation of the face

The person wearing the gas mask is also wearing a hoodie so go ahead and draw the lid lining for the hoodie and then draw the right tube shape for the other filter. Add the framing around the inside of the mask lenses as well.

4 drawing the clothes

When I say you will be drawing the clothes in this step, I mean you will complete the hoodie. Go ahead and raw the sides of the hood and then add the detailing to make it look loose and baggy. Add definition to the mask as well as the filter tube.

5 drawing effects

You will begin this step by drawing the filter holes on the mask as you see it done here. Once that is complete draw the smoke or gas which is being filtered. The gas is drawn in a grafiti like style.

6 drawing fumes

Here we will start drawing the gas or fumes that surrounds the city below. Take your time and make sure that it looks almost like a stream of sorts. Add some rippling along the edges of the gas fumes.

7 almost done

Here you will draw the silhouette of the city below the masl. This should be pretty simple. You can draw the silhouette of any city you like, I mad a random one based on New York. Erase the mistakes and guides then color in the city landscape.

8 Final lineart step

That's it guys. I hope you all had fun. I will be back again with other lessons to learn from. In the meantime, don't forget to color in your gas mask

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October 6, 2020

Description: Welp, here is another fine piece of art that I made the other day. This drawing actually took me about two hours from start to finished and that includes the coloring process as well. Today I will show you my way of drawing a Gas Mask, step by step. I didn't want to draw just some old gas mask, I wanted to make the lesson interesting and full of suspense. So, what I did was draw a city below the actual face wearing a gas mask and there is toxic fumes perfuming around as it spews from the city below. I love how this concept came out and I think most of you will too. Thanks so much and enjoy learning how to draw a gas mask.

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