Draw a Kitsune Kissing a Werewolf

Draw a Kitsune Kissing a Werewolf
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Okay let's get started. Begin with the head shapes, the neck guideline shapes, and then draw the box guide for the werewolf's muzzle.


We will focus on the werewolf first so start defining the actual structure for the muzzle, forehead and then draw the large pointed ears. We will sketch in the cheek which is fluff or fur and then draw the closed mouth with the fluffy fur on the chin   


Here we will sketch in the actual formation of the werewolf's neck which includes both the front and back. The back part of the neck should be arched a bit. When that is done you can sketch out the shoulder and muscle detailing or definition. Draw in   


The werewolf is done so let's get started with the Kitsune. She will be easier to draw because her look is more refined and sleek. Start with the smooth lined muzzle and then draw the forehead, ears and fur for the cheeks. Add the neck shape and proc   


Here you can finish the Kitsune's neck, then add detailing to the ear. We will also add some whiskers and whisker holes to the werewolf's muzzle. Add a closed eyelid too.


The last drawing step just consists of the addition of the Kitsune's tails which are surrounding the couple. When you are happy with the drawing you can go ahead and erase the visible guides as well as the mistakes.


That's it, you are all done. I do hope you enjoyed drawing a kitsune kissing a werewolf. I know it was extremely fun for me. Color in your art before showing the world what you've created.

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April 22, 2017

Here is an interesting request that was made by a member of Dragoart. At first when I read what the request I thought it was odd because a werewolf is so much bigger then kitsune. I doodled a little bit with the concept to try and figure out how to go about making a lesson on how to draw a Kitsune kissing a werewolf, and after about thirty minutes I came up with this concept you see here. In the end I fell in love with the drawing, but still there was something missing. It was missing piece that conveyed what the white creature was because you have to admit, it just looks like a fox. That is when I decided to add the Kitsune's tails surrounding the beastly couple. This addition to the drawing made it complete and I was ready to add some detailing. The coloring concept just brings the whole image to life and I think you will agree that this lesson on drawing a Kitsune kissing a werewolf is one of a kind. I will be back with some other great tuts for you all to enjoy so stay tuned in.

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