How to Draw Ustanak, Resident Evil 6

Artist: KingTutorial / December 11, 2012

Step 1.

Let's start with a simple figure. This guy's pretty muscular, so we want to use strong shapes. Use a T-shape for the body, and then some sausage shapes for the arm and leg segments. His entire right forearm is a mechanical mess, but the basic shape i   

Step 2.

Lighten your base drawing and we'll begin with some head details. Ustanak wears a sort of Hannibal Lecter mask over his nose and mouth, and he has a patch of long, flowing hair. The hair does differentiate him from other generic monster villains.

Step 3.

Draw in the outline of the head using overlapping curves to create a gnarly, potato-like shape.

Step 4.

One of Ustanak's eyes is covered by a big fold of flesh, so we'll just draw a curved line where the eye would normally be. His other eye is set deep and has a dark circle around it. There's a wound on the side of his head, but we'll simplify it as a    

Step 5.

The details of the mask. Draw a square mouth hole with vertical lines for little bars, preventing the poor guy from eating. How sad.

Step 6.

For characters with lots of belts and straps, I think it's best to start detailing those items first... before any of the body details. With our basic figure drawn in lightly, we can place these items properly. Try to have the upper straps wrapping a   

Step 7.

Add in the belt and side straps. There's a long pocket on his right thigh (our left). From this angle, it appears very narrow, but we can still add some dimension with wrinkles and by curving the fabric a bit.

Step 8.

Big step here. This part's a little tedious, so take your time to get it right. Find an angle that's comfortable for you to draw a nice, round curve, and tilt the paper or image area so you can just repeat the same curve over and over again here. I t   

Step 9.

In this step we'll draw in the metal braces that support this guy's ankles and wrists. I wonder if he has arthritis or something... In any case, try to keep these lines as straight as possible. The bars on the legs need to overlap a bit, side to side   

Step 10.

With most of the main strap details drawn in, we can start drawing the actual body. This guy's pretty buff, so have fun drawing some serious muscles. Feel free to reference my How to Draw Muscles tutorial here on DragoArt.

Step 11.

Here we'll draw in the muscles of the left arm, and the four fingers. The fingers are fanned out in order to create a dramatic pose. I used my own hand for reference here. You can do the same.

Step 12.

Still using your hand as reference, draw in the thumb and palm of the hand. Then you can add in some of the surrounding details.

Step 13.

Let's go ahead and add some more detail to the upper body while we're here. The main detail is the big gash across his right pectoral and shoulder. The skin is split open, but is held together by two metal clamps. Ouch. Add a wrinkle around the wound   

Step 14.

Now we'll draw in the pants. Notice how the wrinkles splay out from the crotch like spider legs. We want to show the knees without outlining them completely, so just use an open curve attache to the outside of the legs. Draw in the inner edge of the    

Step 15.

Finally we can draw in the boots. You can give the boots a loose, baggy feel, so matching up the curves between those metal rings won't be so difficult. Be sure to use the base drawing as a guide, though.

Step 16.

There are a lot of seems all over Ustanak's pants and boots, both horizontal and vertical. Just remember to curve those horizontal seems along the with straps we drew earlier.

Step 17.

With the body basically done, let's focus on this beast of an arm. I have to simplify the design, otherwise we'll go up to 100 steps here. Draw three claw fingers. Each part has two segments right now. Make sure the bottom is still floating in the ai   

Step 18.

Now we'll draw the actual bottom of each finger, curving up toward the top of the cylinder.

Step 19.

Draw in the metal plates protecting the inner machinery. These are irregular shapes, but try to picture wrapping a sheet of paper around a bottle of soda, if that makes sense.

Step 20.

Use some curves to draw in the... hand... palm... whatever you want to call it. This is where the fingers attach.

Step 21.

Draw a series of straight lines to draw the hydraulics inside the arm. These are what make the fingers extend and contract.

Step 22.

Blacken out the spaces between the hydraulic rods. We can add some extra detail and panels now.

Step 23.

Next draw some tube and wires wrapping around the arm, and going INTO THE WOUNDS ON HIS ARM. That's so nasty... but who am I kidding? I drew this kind of stuff all the time in high school. Add an extra claw on the palm of the hand, along with some sm   

Step 24.

Add in some panel lines to detail the armor, and add an inner edge to each of the finger sections. Some little horizontal nicks and scratches will help to make this look like rusted metal.

Step 25.

Erase your guide lines, and you should have something like this. Pretty cool for a simplified version of this beast.

Step 26.

As always, you can use the simple drawing as a base for a more detailed rendering if you desire. This drawing too way too long, but if you put in the time, the results can be worth it. I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. Some more Resident Evil cha   

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Description: Ok, we're about to tackle the big bad guy from Resident Evil 6, Ustanak. What a weird design. He's extremely detailed, but I'm going to simplify things as much as possible so anyone can draw him. Let's do it.