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How to Draw the Umbrella Corp Logo

Artist: jdog3105 / March 14, 2012
How to Draw the Umbrella Corp Logo

Step 1.

start off with an equal sqaure. this can be any size but its easier if you work in multiples of three. ill explain why in the next step

Step 2.

my square was from 3 to 18 in both diameters. so heres why i did at a multiple of three. to get the red triangles in the centre of the square divide the distance (15cm) by three (which gave me 5) then add w/e number u got to the start number(3+5=8) a   

Step 3.

now it just a case of connecting the line to the opposite mark on the other side

Step 4.

then when you have done all the red sides join the other sides diagonally

Step 5.

then get rid of the square and the markers and add a dot in the middle to cover up the joins

Step 6.

then there you go its as easy as that

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Artist: jdog3105
Date Added: March 14, 2012
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Tags: how to draw resident evil characters
Description: in honour of resident evil 6 being announced i thought i'd show you ho to draw the umbrella logo this is very quick and is brilliant for doodling when your bored oh i was gonna do a better photoshop version but my comp messed up