How to Draw Suicide Silence Logo


Start off by drawing the S for the first word which is suicide. As you can see the S is thick, black and bold. There are pieces of the letter that have a feather look like the ends of the S.


Up next, draw the letter U and I in the same slicey style you did the S.


You will now get a little messy and draw in the C. This should have some parts of the letter flake off like you see here.


Draw the I and D. Both should be capital letters and be intertwined with one another.


To finish off the word SUICIDE add the E at the end. Again, be a little messy.


We will work on the second word which is SILENCE. Again, draw another S in almost the same style as the first S you made.


You will now draw the I and L. The L is a lot more messy then the I.


Next up, draw in the E and N. These two letters should be very messy and very close together.


For the last step draw the C and E. Again, this word is in a slice & dice style. Erase the mistakes you made if you made any at all.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can show off the new band logo you just made.

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April 28, 2014

Description: Well, even though I do not listen to the bands I will upload logo tuts on, people have been asking me to make a lesson on "how to draw Suicide Silence" logo for a while now. As you can see the drawing isn't much of a logo. Instead it's just two words written in a slice & dice manner to make the words go along with the band name. The genre of music that Suicide Silence is deathcore. They have been around since 2002 and still have a strong fan base/following. If you like the band Suicide Silence you should enjoy this tut.

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