How to Draw Tribal Crossbones


This is going to be a tricky lesson to teach verbally because of all the different shapes that makes up the skull and crossbones as a whole. I guess we will begin with drawing the left part of the skull's face which is some of the forehead, temple, e   


Next, draw the cheek bone which is well defined, then make the axe like shape for the front part of the face.


For the next task you will draw the nose socket which is an upside down heart shape, then sketch out the formation of the upper row of teeth or skeletal mouth.


Here is a pretty design for the skull's chin and jaw shape. This sort of looks like a fleur de lis type of shape.


Draw the front part of the skull's head which is sort of like a diamond shape. There is also a swirl incorporated within the forehead design like so.


Here you will draw the tribal bone structure for the other cheek, when that is done you can move to step seven.


On the right side you will finish the shape of the skull's face. When you do this it should look identical to the left side you drew.


We will now begin drawing the bones. Start with the left side, then draw the ball part of the bone in a very contouring manner.


You will now draw the opposite side of bones. When you are done you end up with a crossbone skull tribal design. Erase the mistakes if you made any.


Here is the blackened line art of your drawing when you are done. Add some color or just leave it as a black drawing.

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March 15, 2014

Description: This is a cool concept which is my version of a tribal skull and crossbones. Today, I will attempt to show you guys "how to draw Tribal crossbones", step by step. This image is sometimes seen on the flags of pirate ships and other logos or sails. This design may be a bit complex to some of you artists out there, especially those of you who are just starting out with drawing. The important thing to remember when tackling any type of tribal art design concepts is a lot of the parts to the drawing are not connected. Instead the separate shapes flow into one another to form a whole image. Practice does make perfect so if you like a challenge you will love drawing tribal crossbones. See you back here in a bit with more drawing fun.

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