How to Draw a Tribal Spider


Let's begin with making the beginning part of the body which is the the abdomen and prosama combined. This design is elegant and pretty.


Begin drawing the limbs which is the lower section called the femur.


Continue to draw the three legs in sections. The parts you will draw are the patella and tibia. The longer leg also has a small pointed tip known as the claw.


Work on the right side of the spider's body. This almost resembles a spade. Make the body hollow with just thick lined sections. Add the femur sections for the legs.


Draw in another limb, and then move to step six.


Draw another spider leg in a tribal pattern and make sure that it is identical to the left side.


Fill in the center of the spider's body then draw the palps or pincers as other people know them to be. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


You are all done. This is the line art once you are finished. Color in the drawing or leave it as a black and white sketch.

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March 15, 2014

Description: Okay guys, after this lesson there is one more coming your way. We will be tackling another tutorial on tribal art, or in this case a tribal critter. Here is "how to draw a tribal spider", step by step. I love the design of this tribal spider because the back legs are pinched up together to suggest that it is lowering itself down a spider web. This should be relatively simple to recreate because the limbs are thick and the body is simple. I know you will enjoy this lesson on drawing a tribal spider, I will be back with one more tut so I hope you stay tuned in. Peace out amigos and enjoy.

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