How to Draw Papa Emeritus ll


Begin with the very basic shape of the subject . This is mainly to position him on surface . Then make the outline of the face, along with the collar of his robe, then his pope....hat.


Add the cross on the hat. Then make the skull features on his face. He's actually wearing a mask to make him look older, the makeup is applied on his mask and face, keep this in mind for later. Finally draw the eyes and mouth .


Once your sketch looks like this you can begin the actual work.


Make a layer with a 2B pencil on the outside cross on the hat .I've filled in the little cross in the center just to make it more visible. You don't have to do that right now.


Now smudge it very well.


Make a second , darker layer and smudge that as well.


Now make these little vein like lines. Don't make more than I did, well of course you can't count them, but try to make them were I did.


Make the right side of the lines slightly darker, while using a kneaded eraser, make the left side slightly brighter. This gives the impression of depth .


Now make the cross on the inside black. Make a few shadows on the edges of the hat.


Add a few details around the cross using very sharp pencil.


Now work on the white parts of the mask , the "bone" of the skull. Make a few quick and light shadows .


Smudge everything and make a second layer with a few details. Don't make it very dark, remember this is the white part of the mask .


Now move on to the dark parts of the mask. Make a base dark layer, darker than the white parts but not completely black . Also pay close attention around the eyes .


Make the second layer with the finishing details .


Now draw the collar of his robe , and the cape thing behind him . These are mostly black, leave a few areas a bit lighter.


Finally make a very simple background using graphite powder which you smudge on the paper using a piece of cloth. Edit you scanned image if you have to, I did.

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February 28, 2014

Description: Hello people, or as Dawn calls you , "peeps" ! Today I'm bringing you something special, how to draw Papa Emeritus ll . He's not an actual pope, he's the lead singer from the awesome band Ghost BC . All of the members of this Swedish metal band are anonymous, the lead singer(the pope) is the only one that stands out since the rest of the members are dressed as monks , all wearing the same outfit. Despite their intimidating appearance ,their music is very slow and calming , consisting of clean vocals and a very classic metal instrumental part. The band is relatively new despite it's massive success . Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this tutorial .

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