How to Draw Toothless and Light Fury

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Start with the guides. Two shapes for each head and then the guidelines for the necks and faces.


Start with Toothless on the left first. Use the head guide to draw the shape of Toothless' head and face shape along with his jaw. As you can see his mouth is slightly open.


Next, move to the right and begin drawing the shape of Light Fury's head and face shape along with the jaw.


Toothless has more frills to draw in than Light Fury. Go ahead and draw his ears and frills that crown the back part of his head. Do the same for Light Fury as well and when that is done you can draw in their almond shaped eyes and color in some eyeb   


When you draw the necks, go ahead and do so in a way that the two necks combined form a loving heart. Don't forget to draw the back part of their necks too.


Last step people. We will draw small spikes on Toothless' forehead and as you can see it flows back a bit. When that is done go ahead and draw in some scaling around the eyes and on top of the eyes. Erase your mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art when you are done. Color in the two love birds and then you're done. Don't forget to comment below and share.

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March 8, 2019

Description: Hello once again folks. Today we will have some fun because I am going to show you how to draw two of our favorite dragon creations. Here is how to draw Toothless and Light Fury, step by step. It's no secret that the two are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are absolutely adorable together. It's a shame though that no name was given to this pretty version of a night fury. I did read somewhere that Toothless' design was based off a black panther and Light Fury was designed after a snow leopard. Pretty neat. Anyways, I don't think you will find this lesson hard. It should be easy enough for anyone to tackle. I had a lot of fun making it and I know you will have fun drawing Toothless and Light Fury too.

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