How to Draw a Valentine Dragon

Artist: Dawn / January 25, 2020

Step 1.

First, begin with the simple guidelines to draw your dragon, draw these lightly.

Step 2.

Then, go ahead and start sketching his head and jaw.

Step 3.

After, let's tackle his face and eyes!

Step 4.

Next, draw the teeth, horns, and facial detailing.

Step 5.

Then, go ahead and draw the neck that will soon form his chest area.

Step 6.

Next, let's draw the wing. Use thin lines to detail the individual wing fingers.

Step 7.

Finish up the the wings by drawing the other one.

Step 8.

Next, go ahead and draw the two front legs like shown.

Step 9.

Then, draw the hind legs and stomach, as well as the nail detailing as well as the pupil for the eye.

Step 10.

Next, go ahead and draw the tail curled like shown.

Step 11.

Lastly, draw the fire from the nose as well as the heart he is chasing towards.

Step 12.

Once you are finished with your lines, you should end up with something like this!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 25, 2020
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Tags: draw dragons, dragon drawings, dragon easy
Description: Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I've decided to go ahead and make a few more tutorials dedicated to this holiday. If you're looking to design a card geared towards someone you're interested in and want to give it to them, dress the card up with this dragon!