How to Draw an Anime Chinese Dragon

Artist: Dawn / April 18, 2020

Step 1. Guidelines

Alrighty, like always, draw the guidelines to shape the dragon's head.

Step 2. Nose Shape

Then, let's forward our attention on the nose.

Step 3. Muzzle Shape

After, we can work on the muzzle part from there.

Step 4. Whisker Shapes

After that, draw the long wispy whiskers that follow the flow of the dragon.

Step 5. Head and Mouth

Let's then draw the top of the head first and then the lower jaw for the dragon head. Take your time and slowly work on the flow of the fur as it if it's flowing with the current of the dragon.

Step 6. Teeth And Mouth

Finish off the mouth of the head by drawing his large teeth and the remaining mouth shape.

Step 7. Shading and Fur

Go ahead and strengthen the weights of your lines around the boundaries of the dragon as well as the fur below.

Step 8. Final Touches

Finish off by drawing the whiskers on his brows and the fur/horns behind him.

Step 9. Final Line Art

After all is drawn, you should result with something similar to this. Amazing work, show me yours by submitting it on Drago!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 18, 2020
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Description: I know I haven't made an anime style chinese dragon in such a long time, so today I thought I would do one for you all. Here is how to draw an anime chinese dragon, step by step. This dragon's face was inspired by a German Shepherd's face that I have. The mouth and eyes and the way the nose is structured. The colors I used are just a simple flat gold and the way the whiskers and everything flow make the dragon that much prettier. Anyways, since I have so many dragon's already don't really have too much to say about them. I have over a hundred dragon lessons so now this will be a nice updated or recent how to draw an anime chinese dragon. Have fun and remember to comment below.