How to Draw Mick Thomson , Seven From Slipknot


I divided this step into two because I've added a 4th image . We'll begin by drawing the outline of the mask and the guidelines for the eyes and nose. Remember that these are not guidelines for a face, but for a mask.Then with a few curvy lines draw    


Now draw the rest of the hair . The details on the mask are straight, but not symmetrical , because of the position of the mask .


The final result should look like this .


Now you're probably wondering why I did this . Usually I start from an end and make all the shadows and textures and details until I reach the other end. Well not today, we're gonna work with layers , since it's easier for people which are not me. Do   


Before you go any further I would like you to take a separate piece of paper and practice doing what I did here, which is drawing a metallic texture/surface . Since the mask is out of metal I think it's sort of important being able to draw metal .Her   


Second layer, apply only after you smudged the previous one . Use a 2B


Third layer done with a 6B .


Now we're gonna add the details, which mean we're gonna make his mask looks metallic and creepy . Start with the right side of the forehead .


Now for the eyes, one isn't visible because there is not enough light in that area.


Now the left side of his forehead . Don't make it as dark as the other side .


This side of the face is darker , but that doesn't mean you can't use a kneaded eraser or white pastel for small reflections .


The shading is pretty basic, dark on one side, light on the other . The amount of light/darkness each side receives determines the depth .


This side isn't completely white, but don't use pencils darker than 2B when doing the details .


Now you're done with the mast, just a few details left .


The hair is dark, like, almost black . There are some lighter zones which you can choose to not make, this was my original intention , since it will look good anyway . But no matter how you choose to do it keep in mind that his hair isn't straight, i   


Just a few curves.


Make the shirt black .


Now draw the rest of the hair and the beard .


The clouds in the background were made with graphite powder(8B) and a piece of tissue . It's disgustingly easy to make , you can make any cool abstract background you like that way .


Aaand you're done. I hope you enjoyed it, bye .

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August 17, 2013

Description: Hello , today I made a tutorial on How to Draw Mick Thomson , lead guitarist from the famous metal band Slipknot . Mick is one of a total of 9 members ,each having a number, his is 7 . I've tried to make this as easy as possible , also I've concentrated more on the tutorial ,rather than on the finished drawing , since there is no point in making a hyper realistic drawing if people can't learn how to draw it properly . I hope you'll enjoy it, till next time, bye !

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