How to Draw Harry Styles, Harry Styles

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Begin by drawing the guide for the head, then make the guidelines for the face, neck and shoulders.


Begin sketching out the actual structure of the face, along with the bangs that are side parted.


Here we will utilize the facial guidelines and draw out the eyebrows, eyes, pupils and then indent lines around the eyes.


Now you will sketch out the shape of the nose, draw his pretty boy smile, then add the lining to form his perfect teeth. Add those dimples scattered around the mouth and on his cheeks.


Here is the fun part. How many of you love Harry Styles's hair? If you are a big time fan, I know you will say you are. We will sketch out the hair which is long and wavy. Add the detailing to his hair for added texture.


To finish things off you will draw the shape of the neck, then draw the collars and shirt collar. Add the collar line from his sweater as well. Complete this step by erasing the mistakes.


Here is the line art. You can color in your drawing of Harry Styles if you like.

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July 23, 2013

Description: Please don't freak out when you see these next two lessons. I know it's going to be hard for all you One Direction fans to resist the need to flip over this tutorial on "how to draw Harry Styles", step by step. Harry is one of the more popular members of the band, but all in all they are loved all the same if you know what I mean. I just had to go and do my version of drawing Harry Styles because so many people have been asking me for this tut. I know many members and visitors will have fun with this One Direction band member. Adios people and draw your hearts out.

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