How to Draw Tohru and Kyo from Fruit Basket

Artist: Alley1 / July 28, 2012

Step 1.

I'm not a huge guideline person when it comes to drawing but when I feel it's necessary to a difficult piece of artwork, I do. However, this one isn't to bad like others I've done so, this will not require guidelines. Shown here is just the chin of b   

Step 2.

Now, we start the facial details like the eyes, and nose shown. Notice Kyo's nose should be the only nose pointing outward because of his 3/4 view. Tohru is in a front view so, her nose should be like this.

Step 3.

Now we start more detail on the face. Then, start drawing both of their necks.

Step 4.

Draw their shoulders shown here.

Step 5.

In this step, we will now start the kimonos' of both characters. Notice that we focus more on Tohru's because of all the detail she has, compared to Kyo, and because of her hand gesture in the top picture.

Step 6.

Next, we finish up Tohru's hands and with her holding the cat sculpture. And for Kyo, his hands aren't really showing because of the pose he's in. So, only partial skin is shown for his hand.

Step 7.

Begin Tohru and Kyo's hair with just their bangs first. Thought I'd save the hardest part for last. lol XD

Step 8.

Now, we finish up both of their hair in this step.

Step 9.

For this the final step of this entire tut, we finish this with details to Tohru's bow and detail to Kyo's ear. And tadah!! You have drawn Kyo and Tohru! TohruxKyo 4 ever!! :D

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Artist: Alley1
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Description: I've been so busy this week and the upcoming week because of marching band 8am to 5pm. So, I get super tired when I get home. But I managed to fit in a quick tut for you all and the characters may be recognized as Kyo and Tohru from the manga Fruits Basket. Personally, I just adore Kyo and if I could, I would pull him out of the manga and make him my boyfriend. lol but that wont happen sooooo.... here's the tut for yall XD