How to Draw an Anime Angel

Artist: Alley1 / December 9, 2012

Step 1.

Begin by drawing out the angel's eyes.

Step 2.

Now start her facial features like her nose and mouth. Remember that the nose and mouth are smaller compare to the eyes. The eyes in manga and anime are the dominant feature.

Step 3.

Draw the chin and part of the neck.

Step 4.

Now, this is the tricky part. Begin by drawing the shoulders. The shoulders should curve downwards, but not too much. Just enough to draw the arms correctly. Now, you need to draw the arms. Leave a blank space between the two arms. That's where her b   

Step 5.

Draw her breasts and finsh up the rest of her right arm.

Step 6.

Now, start the half portion of her gloves and draw a slanted line across, extending from her left arm (right arm in other pov).

Step 7.

Finish her gloves by drawing her fingers shown here and draw her bow.

Step 8.

Continue on with her dress. On the bottom, draw squiggly lines. It may seem weird at first but this is where we will draw our ruffles later. So, it doesn't have to look EXACTLY identical to mine.

Step 9.

Finish her dress and your squiggly lines for the ruffles.

Step 10.

Now, draw in the bottom portion of the dress. Since she's in the wind and the wind, in viewer's point of view, is going to the left, her dress' movement will go to the left as well. Also, draw in her legs. Notice that one leg is slightly thicker than   

Step 11.

Begin her hair with just her bangs.

Step 12.

Contine her hair as shown here.

Step 13.

Still continue to do her hair but have the left ponytail look slightly thinner and have more movement than the right sided one.

Step 14.

Draw in her dress details and jewlery.

Step 15.

Draw in her halo. Also, begin the ruffles. In order to do this, you look at your squiggly line and see the wider oval like structure in it or loop. Darken those with black and this should be the result.

Step 16.

Draw her eyebrows. Also, add the texture to her dress ruffles by adding the lines in the correct spots shown here.

Step 17.

Now, add the texture to her hair.

Step 18.

Draw in her wings.

Step 19.

Color in her dress details with black and add the fluffly like teture to her wings.

Step 20.

And you've finished! You learned how to draw an anime angel!

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Artist: Alley1
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Description: Hey guys! Back with another tut after being off for quite sometime. This one is 'how to draw an anime angel'. I did thsi drawing in school a few days ago and decided on making a tut out of it. Enjoy! :3