How to Draw Ayame

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This should be a relatively easy lesson to follow. Start with a head shape, and then add the facial guidelines. From the head, draw the neck, and then the lining for the shoulders, and body like so.


Now you can sketch out the shape of his face, and then begin sketching in the bangs for his long beautiful hair.


Draw the rest of Ayame's hairstyle, and make sure that you draw the strands coming over his shoulders like you see here. Add some definition to the ends, and then add the nose, and mouth to his face. Next, sketch out the collar, shoulders, and the sh   


Before drawing out the rest of the body, you will need to draw in his eyes. When that is done you can draw the arms, and the torso. Ayame's arms are actually his sleeves too. This means you have to add some folds, creases and wrinkles to his attire.


For your last drawing step, all you need to do is draw the rest of his long jacket or whatever he is wearing, and then the rest of his sleeves and or arms along with his hands. Add some crease lining in between his legs, and then start erasing all th   


Now that you're done, Ayame should look like this. Color him in, and you are all done with this lesson.

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June 6, 2010

Description: A while ago, someone asked me to make a lesson on a character from the Fruits Basket manga series by Natsuki Takaya. Of course I wanted to fill the request, and to tell you the truth, I did. The problem is, I forgot all about the lesson, and therefor I didn't upload it. So, for my fifth lesson of the day, I will upload a tutorial that will teach you "how to draw Ayame", step by step. Who is this manga character anyway? Well, in the Fruits Basket series, he is the snake of the Chinese zodiac. Ayame is thought to be around twenty eight years old, and he is the only man that has the longest hair when he is in his human form. He is also well recognized by his long whitish gray hair, and his extraordinary green colored eyes. Although he is very pleasant to look at, if you was to actually talk with, or hang around Ayame, you would definitely feel depressed once you've left his company. He is also the older brother of Yuki, and with each waking day, Ayame makes sure that he becomes the most annoying person in the world when it comes to antagonizing Yuki, and Kyo. Another annoying thing about Ayame Sohma, is the fact how he thinks that the world world revolves around him. What I mean by that is, he is into himself way too much, and he shows it by displaying an abundance of confidence. I never really got into the manga myself, but I have been reading a few chapters here and there, and I have to say, the series is interesting. This lesson goes out to all you Fruits Basket fans who always wanted to learn "how to draw Ayame", step by step. I only have one more lesson left for you guys, and when you see what it is, you will be roaring for a pencil. Adios my brethren, and be sure to have an awesome drawing Sunday!

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