How to Draw Dr Hatori Sohma from Fruits Basket

Artist: xXMedicGirlXx / September 19, 2009

Step 1.

Draw out the head guideline as shown. You can think of it as an oval with a triangle connected to the bottom of it. And then there's a line down the middle, indicating the center of the face. You don't want to forget the two small lines for the neck    

Step 2.

Here's where you must be very precise. In an anime character, the hair is one of the most important identifying features. You want to make the bangs long and let them fall into the face...but make sure that the part is more towards the left side. The   

Step 3.

Finish the top of the head/hair. The top has a slight part on the top left and the hair is straight and falls like the rest of it. On the left side, the hair should curve slightly to wrap around the base of the neck. Then add some detail into the ear   

Step 4.

Haha! Here's where all those ridiculous and messy guidelines come into play! Use the two parallel line towards the top to draw the eye. Above the eye, of course is the eyebrow, which should just graze along the top of the guideline. The nose should b   

Step 5.

Erase all the blue guidelines EXCEPT the ones forming the neck and the jawline. All the others need to go. You'll know that you erased the wrong part when there's a random gap somewhere on your drawing. Then be happy because there's only one more ste   

Step 6.

This step is crucial to the entirety of the drawing. you want to add this extra detail to make it look realistic. Just a few zig-zag lines and sharp grooves will fill his hair with shadow/light. Remember where your light source is!

Step 7.

And here's the totally finished product! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to draw Dr. Sohma! Please rate and leave a comment- thank you! :D

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Artist: xXMedicGirlXx
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Description: I saw Dragon_queen's tutorial on Tohru and remembered to upload this tutorial. I've had this tutorial stored away on my computer for 3 months now...and I totally forgot about it. XD But here it is...finally. Here's a tutorial on my favorite character from "Fruits Basket", my handsome everlasting snow, Hatori Sohma. (And PS- I apologize for the small pictures.)