How to Draw the Death Note Notebook

How to Draw the Death Note Notebook
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Let's start first by drawing the front cover of the notebook. This is pretty simple, just draw an image like the one you see here in this first step.


You will now add a couple pages inside the notebook to give it thickness.


Next up, begin drawing the words 'Death Note' starting with the D and E. Notice there is a dot in the center of the D.


Lastly, finish the word Death, then draw the word 'Note'. You are all done. You can choose to add some texture detailing to the book or leave it a simple drawing. Oh, if there are mistakes just erase them now.


Color the cover black, and the pages/words white. You are done and have completed this lesson on drawing the Death Note notebook.

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October 3, 2015

I don't know how many of you realize but, there is a movie coming out on the anime/manga Death Note. I am honestly super excited to be hearing about the release. It took so many years to finally get it going as far as the American version goes. So far, I hear that the lead role of Light Yugami might be going to Nat Wolff who recently starred in the film 'Paper Towns'. Now, I'm no critic or anything, but Nat Wolff looks nothing like Light Yugami. The person I actually pictured for the role is Zac Efron. I mean at least he looks like an american style manga character. Anyways, the Death Note notebook is pretty simple to replicate. I plan on doing revised versions of the characters from the popular manga so if there is a character you would like to see that I don't currently have, just let me know.

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