How to Draw Near from Death Note


First, draw a simple circle towards the middle of the page. Try not to make it too big, the drawing always seems to take up most of the page. Next, make a chin-like shape from the right bottom side of the circle, to the left bottom side of the circle   


For this next step, draw two simple eyes one the outer line of each line coming down the middle of the face. They're pretty much just circles and curvy lines. Same as for the nose, and mouth. Try to keep a simple expression for Near. Then, more simpl   


Next is the clothing. Draw lines and curves for the collar, shirt wrinkles, and fingers on the hand. That's pretty much it for this step.


Next is the hair. Basically, hair strains and folds around the top part of the head. Don't make the hair to messy, the finished outcome of your drawing will make Near look crazy.


Now, just like the last step, draw the rest of Near's hair. Again, make sure to not make it too messy.


Now you're finished! You can color it or outline it however you like. I really hope this helped you draw Near, please comment and enjoy!

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July 8, 2015

Description: Here for my first tutorial on DragoArt, I decided I would show you guys step by step on how to draw Near, (Nate Rivers) from the popular anime and manga "Death Note". Please enjoy, and I hope this tutorial helps a lot!

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