How to Draw Stahl from Fire Emblem Awakening

Artist: nin_mario64 / May 6, 2014

Step 1.

Start by drawing a few guides. some simple shapes such as a circle for the head, and some ovals for the hand and armour. Add a few lines on the circle to help with facial features later on.

Step 2.

Now draw in the chin, kinda pointy, at the base of the circle, and the outside shape of the ear. Try to align the top of the ear with the two horizontal lines.

Step 3.

Now start drawing in the facial features. The eyes, nose and mouth using the guides we drew at the very beginning to help you. The upper lip on his mouth curves upwards to give him that unique smile.

Step 4.

Draw in some of the smaller details including the iris, teeth and start drawing the inside of the ear. More detail will be added to the ear later on.

Step 5.

Now to start with the hair. Split it into sections to make it easier, starting with the fringe that flows downwards over his face. The outside strands curve outwards at the ends.

Step 6.

Now draw in the hair that covers the back and sides of his head. Add a few strands that flick out because his hair is always messy.

Step 7.

Finish the hair with the sideburns, hair on the back of his neck and the hair on the far other side of his head you might be able to see.

Step 8.

Finish details on the head with the eyebrows and final details to the ears.

Step 9.

His armour is quite confusing so try to follow as best you can. Start by drawing the piece around his neck following the guide we drew at the start.

Step 10.

Now draw in the shoulder parts and the piece at the back around his neck.

Step 11.

If you want to add the hand the draw that in using the guidelines to help you.

Step 12.

Now to finish, draw in the arm and blacken any parts you need, like the eyes.

Step 13.

And that's it! Erase the guidelines and it's ready for colouring, if you want. Enjoy!

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Artist: nin_mario64
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Description: Here's another Fire Emblem tutorial. This time Stahl, as requested by Ysoldette. Hope you like it! :D