How to Draw Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening


So to start, as always draw a circle with a few guides on it. One central line to show the middle of the face, and a couple of horizontal lines as guides for positioning the eyes.


Now draw in the shape of the chin, a rounded V shape at the base of the circle, and draw in the outline of the ear.


Now let's start with with the face. Using the guides we drew earlier to help you, draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Take your time try and get the shape and position as accurate as you can.


The hair is probably one of the most difficult parts of any character drawing, so split it up into sections to make it easier. Define the parting in the hair and start with one side, making sure the flow is kept consistent.


Now draw the other side of the hair going in the other direction. Keep in mind the circle guide we drew at the very beginning to make sure you don't make hair too big or too small.


Finally draw the back of the hair flowing down and curving outwards.


To finish the face, draw in the final details such as the iris, eyebrows and the inside of the ear.


Moving down to the parts of the clothing that we can see, start with the neck and draw in the really big collar of his shirt.


And then the rest of the stuff. The shoulder armour and the smaller details. (I got a bit lazy with this description so try to reference the image as best you can.)


To finish, erase the guides and refine the linework with a fineliner pen or bolder pencil. If you want to add some extra detail to the hair then add a few lines here and there. Other than that, we're finished! :D

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May 1, 2014

Description: So I got round to making an actual tutorial rather than another video. This one's of the main character from Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrom. It's not the best quality tutorial, my skills in outlining and colouring are kinda shoddy... But never the less, hope you enjoy :)

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