How to Draw Mario


Start by drawing a guideline. Two circles for the body and head. The circle for the body is slightly larger than the circle for the head. You may want to add these lines to help you with which direction he's facing.


Now for the limbs. Start with two lines coming from the body with basic oval shapes on the ends for the hands.


For the legs, make the lines a little straighter. You may also want to add the markers at the end of the legs to show you where the shoes will start. Also draw the hammer, a line and a cylinder shape.


Alright! Now that we're done with the guideline, we can start adding the detail. Starting with the face, just draw in the shape of the face, using the guideline to help you, and draw in the oval shapes nose.


Draw in two eyes and the mustache. There are 6 puffy bits too if you didn't know...


Add pupils to his eyes, just two ovals with a small white circle to give a shine effect. Then we can add in his ears and make a start on the hat with a curved line for the visor.


Finish the visor and draw in the sideburns.


Now we can draw in the hat.Start with a long curve above the head, then another smaller curve, giving it that distinctive shape. Remember the line to distinguish the inside of his ear and two 'crescent moon' shaped eyebrows to give him some expressio   


Now we can draw in the 'M' on his hat. You might forget, but he does actually also have hair on the back of his head so remember to draw that in too.


We've finished drawing the head, so now we can move onto the body. Start by drawing in his arms and body. Remember to use the guidelines to help you.


Start adding the overalls by drawing the straps and buttons.


Draw in the other arm and add a 'doughnut' shape around his wrist. This is the base of the glove.


Start drawing in the hand, starting with the thumbs.


Then start drawing in the fingers, and legs.


Draw in the rest of the fingers, remember there are 5, and add in the legs by drawing lines around the guidelines you started with.


Draw in the handle of the hammer, two straight lines around the guideline with a rounded end, and finish the legs by drawing in the ends of the trousers.


Draw in the shoes round in shape. Again, remember to use the guideline to help you.


Add the head of the hammer by drawing a cylindrical shape around the guideline.


Almost done... To finish the shoes, draw the base underneath them.


WOO!!! You're done! thicken the main lines and rub out the guidelines and IT IS DONE!!!

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February 19, 2013

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