How to Draw Spider Queen


Begin like we always do and that is with some basic guidelines and shapes for the heads and bodies of the two objects you are about to draw.


We will use the face guide you just made in step one by drawing out the shape of her face and then use the facial guidelines to draw in the queen's face starting with the beautiful, big eyes and long lashes. Draw the eyebrows, her nose and then the m   


Up next we will continue to the drawing by giving the queen a neck, shoulders and then her first arm. Draw the chest and the arm that is cross her torso just under her breasts. When that is done add the bone detailing to the neck and collar bone and    


Add the part in the middle of the head and then draw the straight strands on the left. Once that is done you will draw the hair on the right which is more like braided cornrows. Add detailing and definition to the hair and then draw in some of the ri   


All you will do here is draw in all the spider like eyes all over the forehead and even on her cheeks. Color them in as well.


Here you will draw in the spider legs and sketch in the detailing inside them as well.


Draw in more hair and be sure the length curls at the ends.


We will now draw the arm and hand and then the fingers/nails.


For the last drawing step you will work on the spider's head and face which is filled with spider eyes, cross pattern lines and then the black spikes which is hair on the head. Add detailing to the face and eyes and then you are ready to clean up the   


Okay folks. You are all done. Now you can have even more fun coloring in your spider queen.

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March 8, 2020

Description: Okay guys. Let's get away from depressing, chokehold lessons and do something fun and exciting like this concept character that I worked on yesterday. For my second lesson of the day I will show you folks how to draw Spider Queen, step by step. She is a character I conjured up and is inspired by a few other characters from games. I love spiders and I also love drawing female figures (one of my specialties) so what better way to incorporate the two then by drawing them together side by side. Even though she is a spider queen, she still has a soft side when it comes to her spider. As you can see she is like a schoolgirl hanging with her best friend on the school grounds. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy the lesson. I had fun making it. I will be back shortly with some other cool stuff for you to tackle.

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