Draw Nefertiti, Egyptian Queen


For this first drawing step we will begin by drawing the shape or guides for her face and then guidelines for the eyes, nose and mouth.


Using the guide you just made in step one, begin to sketch out the actual structure or contours of Nefertiti's face. Once you have that sketched out, go ahead and draw in her long neck as well as some of the collar.


Cap off the head by drawing or giving her a Head Crown, (which is the name for the headdress that pharaohs and queens wore). Once the hat is drawn in, you can proceed to give her an ear, back part of the head, an earring and then the rest of her neck   


Add some detailing and lining to the Head Crown and then draw the cobra snake that decorates the front. Detail inside the ear and then draw the necklace she wears.


Add more detailing to the hat by drawing a stream of squares.


We will work on drawing the pretty eyes, then her nose. The lining of the eyes should be bold or thick. The eyebrows should be lined thin so more emphasis is on her eyes. Draw the nose and add some detailing as well.


With this last drawing step, all you will have to do is draw the mouth, lips and then the definition to the neck and face. Erase the mistakes that were made as well as the guides.


When all is complete the drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. have a great time coloring in this egyptian queen.

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April 29, 2022

Description: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another one of my lessons here on Dragoart.com. Today I will be doing a person from actual Egyptian history. I don't do a lot of Eygyptan pieces so I thought today I would show you how to draw Nefertiti, step by step. Now, I know her name sounds familiar to you guys because it sounded familiar to me when I was thinking about an actual person that I could turn into a lesson. I just started thinking of random names and Nefertiti just popped in my head. So, once I got a look at her and read about what she was like, I started to draw the Egyptian Queen in the way I thought she would look with a twist. Nefertiti was a Queen who was married to Akhenaten, a Pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty. The reason why her name sounds so familiar is because she and her husband were responsible for starting a religious revolution. The reason why their religion was so controversial, was because they are the ones who started worshiping only one God and that was Aten, or the sun disc. The Queen reigned over Egypt with her husband for seventeen years. She was a Great Royal Wife who carried multiple titles and made an everlasting name for herself. This lesson shows you how to draw Nefertiti in a colorful, more modern way. I hope you have fun, peace.

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