How to Draw Arachne


Let us begin by drawing the guides and shapes for the spider woman. This should include the small round head shape, then draw in the torso shape and then the body guide. Add the guidelines for the legs and arms.


Draw in the shape and structure of the face which also includes the eyes, nose and mouth with fangs.


Up next, draw the head shape which is also the hairstyle. Straight hair that is limp looking.


We will now draw the shoulders, arms and torso. This is the only human aspect of the spider woman. Add the points to the shoulders and then draw the pointed hands. Draw the chest which is the breast and then move to step five.


Draw the rest of the hair length like so, and then draw the bulb shaped body. Add the stomach detailing and then draw in the one leg. Add detailing and definition to the leg and proceed to step six when you are all done.


Here you will also need to draw in the belly lining which is layered and ridged. Once that is done you can draw the rest of the legs and add the same detailing to them like you did on the first one.


In this step you will draw in the remaining legs. Do this in the same exact style as you did the others.


For the last drawing process, all you have to do is draw the marks on the top part of the back. You can choose to go with any pattern you like. Erase the mistakes and guides, then you're done.


Now that the drawing is done, you should end up with line art that looks like the image you see here. All you need to do next is color in your drawing. Great work folks!

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February 2, 2018

Description: The creature you will be getting a lesson on next is actually a creature I had no idea existed or was created by myth until someone asked if I could make a tutorial on drawing a spider woman. This mythical monster has a name and her name is Arachne. According to Greek-Roman mythology, a mortal female woman that was a skilled weaver challenged Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom and crafts and because the mortal challenged Athena, she was turned into a spider woman named Arachne. That is where the word 'arachnids' came from for spiders. Anyways, even though my version of Arachne doesn't look to mythological, I still think that this concept of Arachne is awesome. I do hope you enjoy this tut, I will be back with other fun and exciting lessons that I know you will enjoy.

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