How to Draw Covid-19, Coronavirus

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You can start by making guides for the various cells that will make up the coronavirus.


Up next, you will draw out the cruddy eyeballs and when you do this make sure they resemble a brain. The outer lining should be thick and scratchy looking. Add the dimples between the eyes and then draw the stems for the rounded like spikes.


Continue to draw the shape of the coronavirus which is round and bubbly. Sketch in the spikes and then ink them out in a thick lined manner. Add the detailing to the spikes and then draw in the long spiked teeth. Add detailing and definition througho   


Up next, draw the bottom part of the coronavirus which is the jaw. Draw the spiked teeth. They should be gnarly and full of bite power. Add shading inside the mouth and then draw the definition throughout the virus cell.


We will draw the background which is just a make up of other cells floating around and other coronavirus cells.


For the final step all you have to do is erase the mistakes and guides first and then draw in the shading throughout the virus.


Here is what the digital sketch looks like when you are done. You can add color if you like or keep it gruesome.

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March 6, 2020

Description: Hey guys. Welcome back to another fun fill lesson and although I would like this tutorial to be upbeat and full of life, I wanted to make a lesson on the dreaded cell known as the coronavirus or covid-19. This virus is becoming more and more of a problem and almost every country in the world is being affected by this deadly virus including my country, United States. I wanted to depict this virus in a form that best describes what it is. So, I added some building infectious eyes and a mouth that is ready to devour the insides of its host. Some things I learned about covid-19 is that kids up to 18 years old seem to be either immune or if they are infected they have little to no signs. This is called asymptomatic. Basically kids of up to 18 years of age are carriers/spreaders. I've also learned that 80% of the people who are infected with the virus do not die. It is the older folks who really have to worry as well as others who have compromised or weak immune systems. I am telling everyone I come in contact with (which is very few and mainly online) to take vitamin C supplements as well as magnesium and krill. So, for my last thoughts all I have to say is take care of yourselves folks. Stay protected and stay informed with real news. Adios and have fun drawing Covid-19.

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