How to Draw Sparklers


Make two heads and two body guides like you see here.


In this step you will begin with the little girl by sketching out the forehead, nose, mouth, chin and jawline.


Cap off the back of her head by drawing in her hairstyle. This little girl has her hair in a braid. Draw the small ear, and proceed to step four.


Here you will draw in the crisscross marks on the braid, then draw in her eye, chubby cheeks, and eyebrow.


Finish drawing the little girl's hair by completing the braid. Once that is done you can draw the collar for her dress, her small arm and or sleeve, then proceed to step six.


For step six, draw the girl's hand and then draw in the sparkler. Make sure that it is bright and twinkly.


Finish her body by drawing the bell shaped dress, then add the apron that she also wears as many girls did in the early days.


Complete the girl by drawing the feet or shoes like so, she has a small heel and a strap across the top of her foot.


Now that the little girl is drawn, you can get started with the little boy. Draw the forehead, nose, lips or mouth, then his chubby face. Incorporate the hairline with his face as well as the small ear.


Draw the eyebrow and then his eye. Add detailing inside the ear.


Draw the shape of his head by completing the hairstyle like so.


Are you ready to draw in his body? Good, start by drawing back and chest or the lining from the farmer jeans. When that is done draw the stubby arm.


Now you can draw his hand and then his sparkler.


Continue to work on his body, then draw the wide or flared pant cuff that is rolled up at the bottom.


For the last step draw in the little boys shoes and then add the seam lines down the sides. Erase your mistakes and guides.


This is the line art. Color in your children and be on your way.

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July 4, 2017

Description: The 4th of July is drawing closer, and because of that I wanted to do some lessons that will be both fun and inviting. Here is "how to draw Sparklers", step by step. I chose to do the sparklers by having two children holding them as they have fun as they sparkle and shine. Drawing kids holding sparklers will be a fun concept as well as a very colorful one. If you enjoy the 4th of July as much as I do, try drawing sparklers to show your love. This is also a great concept to make a card with, or as decorations for your house. I shall be back so stick around until I say I'm done.

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