How to Draw Big Eyes

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Begin with a face or head guide then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Frame the shape of the child's face by sketching in the hair. It should be long and wavy and she should also have some bangs.


We will create the shape of her head which is also her full hairstyle. The length of her hair should be long and wavy as well as detailed. Add the roots in the middle of the head as well.


Using the facial guidelines you can draw out the big shapes of her eyes, then draw the chin. Add the collar for her shirt.


Sketch in her nose and then draw a small set of lips.


Draw the lining for the iris' and then color in pupils. Add lid lines and eyebrows. End this step by drawing her long lashes. Erase the mistakes and guides as well.


All done folks. Now you can color in your drawing on Big Eyes.

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April 2, 2017

Description: Okay guys, so the other day I rented a movie called 'Big Eyes' and it was about a woman named Margaret Ulbrich who was a gifted painter and had a style that was unique and all her own. She was married to Frank Ulbrich before she left him and moved away with her daughter. While trying to live on her own she did random paintings or sketches of people at fairs or stands to make supplementary income. One day she met a gentleman named Walter Keane and later married him. He knew of her art and later took credit and became incredibly popular for the art. It wasn't until she left her husband that she took him to court to gain rights for the paintings that he was passing off as his own. Once it was proven that she was in fact the original artist of the doe eyed painting, she was awarded 4 million dollars. This drawing was inspired from Margret Keane's artworks because to me they are incredibly beautiful. I hope you like the tutorial, it is one of my favorites that I have done today. We will learn how to draw big eyes in the form of a small child. Thank you for joining me with this lesson, and if you get a chance rent the movie Big Eyes which was also directed by Tim Burton. Adios folks and enjoy!

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