How to Draw a Dragonfly Tattoo


Start off by drawing a small circle for the head like you see here.


Next, make an oblong slender body shape or the first section of the dragonfly's body which is the thorax.


Here you will draw out the long slightly curled abdomen like so, then when you do that, make sure that there are several layers that flow down the body.


Draw in the antenna, and let them curl at the tips. You will also draw in the dragonfly's face.


Here we will start with creating the wings. Draw the first layer which is very simple. Two loops like the loops you create when tying your shoe.


Add the second layer of wing to finish the dragonfly wings.


Now all you have to do is sketch in the vein lines throughout the wings like so. These small sections can be colored in different shades. If you made mistakes erase them now.


That's all there is to it! Now you can have fun coloring in your dragonfly.

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June 17, 2014

Description: I have some pretty cool tattoo art that I will be uploading today as well as some video game characters and other pop culture stuff. I will start with another lesson on "how to draw a dragonfly tattoo", step by step. My other dragonflies are older, and aren't well drawn as the one you see here. The cool thing about the coloring to this dragonfly is the wings; they look like stained glass like a Tiffany lamp or window. If you love dragonflies or insect tattoos you will enjoy drawing this dragonfly tattoo. Adios and have fun.

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