Draw Teletubbies, Chibi Teletubbies

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Let's start by making the guides for all four bodies and heads.


Define each head shape and include the outlining for the ears.


We will now draw in all their faces starting from left to right. The first Teletubby is Tinky Winky. He has the triangular antenna on his head. The next is Dipsy, he is the green Teletubby and his antenna is shaped like a dipstick hence his name Dips   


We will now draw in their bodies which are all in different poses.


Lastly, draw in the screens on their bellies or tummies. When that is done you can start erasing the visible guides and mistakes.


That's it. You are all done. Color in your Teletubbies in the proper order you drew them in which is purple, green, yellow and red.

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November 3, 2015

Description: I'm going to step back a bit and upload something fun and new to the site. When I say new I mean I have never did any lessons on any of the characters you see in this tut. Today, we will learn how to draw chibi Teletubbies, step by step. I don't know why I never made Teletubby lessons before in the past, but I'm sure it has something to do with how young kids would have to be to enjoy such a lesson. After going through some requests, old requests, I did see a couple people asking if I could make certain Teletubbies. Most of the requests wanted the lessons because they wanted to draw Teletubbies for someone else. Instead of making a tut on individual Teletubbies, I thought a cute chibi style lesson with all of them together would be something that is easier to tackle. So here it is, how to draw chibi Teletubbies. Sorry it took so long to get them uploaded, but I really didn't see the importance to having them on the site. If you would like individual versions of each one, just let me know.

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