How to Draw a Dino Kid


Begin by making the head and body guides like so.


You will now define the shape of the face, then draw in the thick bangs that are swished or combed to one side.


Add the dinosaur teeth from the hood of the costume, then draw and color in the eye and make the kid's mouth.


Here is where you will draw out the large puffy hood which is part of the dinosaur costume. Add the spikes down the center of the hood as well.


Draw and color in the dinosaur eyes for the costume, then draw in the other side of the hood.


We will begin drawing the kid's body starting with the small arms and hands.


To create the whole body all you have to do is draw the legs and cut off area which is where the crotch is.


Add the stomach lining for the dinosaur costume, then draw in a zipper.


Finish it all off by drawing the dino tail followed by the small spikes on the end of the tail. Erase your mistakes as well as all the guides.


Here you have a drawing on a dino kid. Now just color him in and show off your work to family and friends.

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August 2, 2014

Description: Here is a cute lesson on a concept creation. It's a boy dressed up in a dinosaur costume. I'm sure some of you have seen a child dress up like this before. It's not all that odd to see a kid making believe that they are a dinosaur or other animal. I had fun creating this child so here is your chance to learn how to draw a Dino kid too.

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