How to Draw Caitlyn, League of Legends

Artist: KingTutorial / October 12, 2011

Step 1.

As always, let's start off with some guide lines. I suggest checking out some of Dawn's tutorials on how to draw women before tackling this tutorial. Pretty straight-forward stuff, here. The one tricky item is the rifle. We'll just lay down some para   

Step 2.

Ok, you may have to zoom in to see this first step. We'll start by drawing an overlapping detail that covers part of Caitlyn's head. It's a series of lenses attached to her hat that help her aim at distant targets. We'll begin by laying down some sim   

Step 3.

The first thing I did here was beef up the lines around the lenses. From there, we want to draw a piece for the lenses to attach to. Next draw the swing arm upward, and finish it up with a round hinge that will attach to her hat.

Step 4.

Now for the hat. Caitlyn wears a rather ridiculous top hat, kind of like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Note how the brim curves down in the front and up on the sides. By hooking that line at the edges, we can achieve some depth, rather tha   

Step 5.

Here we'll draw some of Caitlyn's hair, as well as the main shape of her face. The curves of the cheek and eyebrow meet at the guide line, which is also the eye line.

Step 6.

Draw in the details of the face. Again, I suggest checking out some of Dawn's basic tutorials on how to draw faces if you have trouble here.

Step 7.

Next we'll draw the frilly collar going around Caitlyn's neck, as well as her neck itself. We can also add stripes to the hat. There's a rim at the top edge of the hat, so try to show the stripes wrapping over that edge.

Step 8.

This is the bust part of Caitlyn's rather revealing outfit. She must live in a warm climate. Anyway, we don't want to outline the entire curve of the breast here. I drew one bottom curve leading into the other breast shape to give the appearance of w   

Step 9.

Since the breasts are being squeezed into this outfit, try to show some slight bulge where the exposed breast meets the top of the fabric. Next draw shoulder straps on each side. Finish up the hair and we can move on.

Step 10.

Here we're going to draw two belts -- one at the normal belt level, and one just below Caitlyn's breasts. Since her back is arched a bit, we're technically looking UP at her ribcage and DOWN at her pelvis. Because of that, the belts will curve away f   

Step 11.

Fill in the waist and draw the hips. Then move down and draw the bottom of the skirt/dress she's wearing. There appears to be a slip of some sort under the skirt, so don't forget that detail.

Step 12.

To make things easier, I decided to draw some more detailed guide lines for the legs. This should give you the general idea of the required shapes and curves. Notice how the left on the left (which is facing us) has a reverse B shape. The other leg (   

Step 13.

Detailing the legs. When you get to the ankles, throw in some wrinkles, as she'll be wearing leather boots. We can also detail the high heel and square toe of the boot here.

Step 14.

We're going to have some overlap here, as we draw the straps that cover Caitlyn's thighs and boots. Outline the buckles on the thigh straps, and draw the top of the boots just below the knees.

Step 15.

Detailing the boots and straps. Remember to enclose the toe shape for steel-toed boots.

Step 16.

Not too much to say about the arm, here. If you have trouble, grab some reference for the arm, and definitely look at your own hand for the pose of the fingers.

Step 17.

Using the parallel guide lines, we can outline the shape of the rifle and draw in the gun barrels. Draw the small curve to indicate the area where the trigger and fingers will go.

Step 18.

Now draw in the hand holding the gun, and the rest of the forearm. I strongly recommend looking at your own hand for this one. Pick up a house phone, or some other object that can mimic the handle of the gun. Remember to have her finger OFF the trigg   

Step 19.

Here we'll draw the series of lens attachments that run down the top of the rifle. I count six lenses, which is nuts. Also draw the hammer further back on the ridle.

Step 20.

Adding some ornamental detail to the gun handle.

Step 21.

For the final step, take a look over the entire drawing to see what's missing. Draw the far shoulder (kind of important), and also extend the hair down and outward, flowing in the wind. Detail the hair a bit. Draw in the fingerless gloves. Add stripe   

Step 22.

The finished line art. Be sure to go back in and erase any lines from the overlapping straps, and get rid of all your guide lines.

Step 23.

...and here's the fully colored artwork. Not too bad. Let me know what you guys think. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. It's a bit of a break from the standard fighting game females, but more of them are on their way. Be sure to post your art when yo   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: For something a little different, I've drawn up this tutorial for the character Caitlyn from the online RPG "League of Legends." Caitlyn's decked out in Steampunk fashion, and is an expert sharp-shooter. Perhaps this will only be the first of many League of Legends tutorials. We shall see...