How to Draw a Flying Dragon For Kids


I will try to keep the steps as simple as possible so let's begin. Start with three circles that will make up the framing or workable guide to creating your flying dragon. There should also be connecting lines for the neck and wings.


Using the guide shapes that you made in step one, begin drawing the shape of the dragons muzzle. The front part of the snout should be pointed, or you can do with a style that you like.


Next, draw the long shape of the dragon's neck, then draw the sharp long frills that flow down the neck like so. You will also need to draw the crested chest as well as the eyes, nose and teeth which overlap the mouth or jaw.


Here we will begin by drawing the arms and talons, then draw in the marking line that flows down the underside of the dragon's neck and chest. Add the horizontal scale lines like so, then proceed to step five.


Almost completely draw the rest of the dragon's body. Notice how it is shaped like an S. Next, draw the thigh, leg and foot like so, then draw in the tail that curls under the body.


Almost done folks so hang in there. You will now draw out the other thigh, leg and foot like so, then draw in the remaining scale lines on the belly and tail.


Lastly, draw the dragon wings. You will do this task from the side view because this dragon is being drawn from a side angle. Make sure the wings have pointed tips, and detailing. Erase the mistakes before calling it quits.


Here is the finished product when you are all done. Now choose a color in add some to your drawing of this flying dragon.

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May 21, 2013

Description: Since I haven't drawn dragons in a while here is a lesson that I know you fantasy lovers will adore. Today I decided that filling a request on "how to draw a flying dragon for kids" is a good way to keep things simple but fun at the same time. Drawing dragons was what I always loved to do because these creatures were my absolute love when I was young. I used to live, breathe, sleep, play or what have you whenever it came to dragons. My love for these fantasy beings is what started my second love, drawing. I combined the two and after a while my imagination just kept going. Now it's your turn to have some fun. You can start by drawing a flying dragon for kids, or you can tackle something else you love. Either way no matter what you do, as long as you love doing it, that's all that matters.

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