Blaze dragon


First do the outline of the body which is a oval shape and a curved line (do lightly you will need to erase it later)


Now you will make a slant eye in the center of the oval, when your done draw a small bird like beak at the front of the face and draw a flaming pattern that comes from the tip of the beak and around the eye and to the bottom of the beak


Next you will draw a flaming pattern around the head just like the eye and when your done erase the oval shape in the face


Now you will make another flaming pattern but it will be from the neck towards the end of the curve line but do not make it all the way at the end leave some space and do not erase the curve line you will need it


Now you will do the same thing for the bottom part of the dragon but you have to leave a medium sized gap next to the neck and still keep another space at the end of the curve just like before. The flames are not going to be as close together as the    


Ok, now all you need to do is make a pair of wings the first one will be on the top and near the neck it will also have the flaming pattern. The next wing will be in the gap you've drawn (the wings have to be across from each other at least) and yes   


The last thing you need to do is make the tail which is at the end of the curve and its this large flaming pattern and keep some space in the flame

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June 30, 2013

Description: This is a dragon that has only two colors blue and red it is simple it can also be called a flaming dragon because that's what it sorta looks like

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