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how to draw a cartoon dragon

Artist: croc02 / September 13, 2012
how to draw a cartoon dragon

Step 1.

first of all, start by drawing a puff of smoke and a couple of squiggly lines as this will be the dragons smoke.

Step 2.

secondly, start to draw the main bit of the head,including the eyes and the two corn shapes for horns and start to draw a slightly curvy line for the mouth.

Step 3.

Now,start to draw a long curved line for the neck,starting to go into the body, adding spikes as you go down the neck of the dragon.

Step 4.

Next,draw two of the front legs of the dragon and further along the body,draw two wings,adding lines down them to make them look more realistic and still adding spikes down the body,which are just little triangles.

Step 5.

The next part is very simple actually all you need to do is add the two back legs of the dragon,making sure you have enough space to attach the tail to,which is the final part of the dragon.

Step 6.

As I said before this is the final part of the dragon! All you have to do is add the tail,going in and then out,putting a little triangle at the tip of the tail and then add spikes down until you reach the tip of the tail and your finished!

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Artist: croc02
Date Added: September 13, 2012
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Tags: how to draw dragons
Description: hey guys! this is my very first tut on dragoart! so on my very first tut, im going to show you how to draw a cartoon dragon in simple easy steps for beginners! enjoy! :D