How to Draw a Simple Dragon

Artist: DuskShadowWolf / June 24, 2013

Step 1.

This dragon is simple enough to not use guidelines. If you don't need guidelines, skip to step 5. First start with a circle to show where the head will be. Add a line to show where the dragon is looking.

Step 2.

Add a line of motion. This shows how the dragon's body is positioned!

Step 3.

Draw two circles for the body! The chest circle should be bigger than the hip circle.

Step 4.

Add lines to show where the legs and wings should be.

Step 5.

Start drawing the head. It is almost like a squished oval shape.

Step 6.

Add the cheek, which is a half circle. The eyes are closed, so just draw a curved line. A circle can show that this dragon has a nose.

Step 7.

I drew rounded triangles for the horns. Since I am drawing a cute dragon, they aren't very big. You can draw them however you want, though.

Step 8.

Start drawing the neck.

Step 9.

Draw the back and the front of the chest. The front of the chest is almost a half circle.

Step 10.

Draw the dragon's arm. It doesn't have to be very detailed. This shape is similar to a squished rectangle.

Step 11.

Draw the other arm.

Step 12.

Draw a curved line for the dragon's belly.

Step 13.

Start drawing the back leg.

Step 14.

Finish the back leg. Remember that it is thicker when it is closer to the body.

Step 15.

Draw the other back leg. Part of it is hidden behind the other leg.

Step 16.

Draw the tail. It is only a triangle. I drew a small tail to make the dragon look more cute, but you can draw it as long as you want.

Step 17.

Draw a line for the first part of the dragon's wing.

Step 18.

Connect a line to the first line of the dragon's wing for the "finger" of it.

Step 19.

Finish drawing this finger of the wing.

Step 20.

Draw the rest of the fingers. They are just long triangles. They don't have to be too long if you want the dragon to have cute, little wings.

Step 21.

Draw another line to connect the rest of the wing to the body.

Step 22.

Draw the webbing between each finger, then connect it to the body.

Step 23.

The wing on the other side doesn't show much, so you can just add the side and top of it.

Step 24.

Add any details you would like the dragon to have and you're finished! I added chest plating and skin where the horn starts. Colour your dragon however you'd like if you want! Enjoy your new little dragon!

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Artist: DuskShadowWolf
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