how to draw a Yin Yang Dragon


First you need to make the guide lines of dragon it is basically a oval for a head and a snake like body which goes around ( make the guide lines lightly)


Next you make a sharp point at the tip of the face and make a curved line( use the guide lines) when you do that you will make a thin eye at the center of the face. After that you will erase the extra guide lines on the face. Finally ( for the face)    


Next you will make the neck your going to make a curve until you are a little bit underneath the whiskers and then you will stop and make arms ( make arms on both sides of the dragon , left and right) and to make it seem like the dragon is twisting    


The last thing you need to do is finish the body all you have to do is use the guide lines to create the body and through out the process add small points when your at the end of the guide line make the tail ( it looks like a dolphins tail) and that'   

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July 1, 2013

Description: This is what I believe looks like a yin yang dragon

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