How to Draw Pinky Malinky

Artist: Dawn / December 1, 2021

Step 1.

Start off by drawing an oblong shape like you see here and then draw in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will now draw the actual shape of the top part of the head.

Step 3.

Draw the top which is like a twisted tied off piece because I think Pinky is a sausage or a hotdog.

Step 4.

You can now begin drawing the face which is two large, oval shaped eyes, brows, and color in the pupils.

Step 5.

In this step all you have to do is draw the criss cross bandage he has on the side of the head/face.

Step 6.

Go ahead and draw out the mouth and fill the mouth with some teeth to form the smile.

Step 7.

Define the shape of the body which is also the exact shape of the head. Pinky is a sausage or hotdog, I'm not sure. Add the stripes for the shirt design.

Step 8.

Now draw in the noodle like legs followed by the shoes which are boots.

Step 9.

Lastly, draw in Pinky's arms and gloved hands, then you can erase the mistakes.

Step 10.

Here you have it, a finished drawing of Pinky Malinky. Now you can color him in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 1, 2021
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Description: Hey guys. I don't know if anyone has heard of the Netflix series "Pinky Malinky", but it is becoming popular and I have been asked to do some lessons on the maine characters. So I will start by showing you how to draw Pinky Malinky, step by step. The lesson is going to be pretty simple since Pinky is just an oblong character. I do hope you enjoy the tut, let me know if you have seen the series, I know it was originated by Nickelodeon, but it is now exclusive to Netflix.